Part 135 General Operations Manual

Upgrade your GOM to the most recent SAS requirements and guidelines. This turn-key GOM template is designed for both new and existing operators. It includes jet, multi, and single engine procedures.

Part 135 General Maintenance Manual

This fully SAS-conforming GMM will help you obtain OpSpec D072 for operations using aircraft with 10 or more passenger seats. Learn more about how to obtain this authorization.

Part 135 Training Programs

This training manual includes procedures for conducting in-house or contract (Part 142) training. Procedures are included for simulator and aircraft training.

Start a part 135 Operation

Read up on the process of starting a Part 135 Operation. Services are available to assist you with application and certification. Have you received notice from the FAA from your PASI and are now working with FAA Notice N 8900.687?

Part 145 Repair Station Manuals

Are you interested in applying for a Part 145 Repair Station certificate? Do you need an updated Part 145 Repair Station / Quality Control Manual or Repair Station Training Manual?

FAA SAS – Safety Assurance System DCTs

SAS Data Collection Tools (DCT checklists) are in use at most FSDOs. SAS conformance services are now available. Learn how to comply with these requirements with the least amount of effort.