Are you thinking about starting a Part 135 charter operation?

Before you start writing or buying manuals, and before you consider buying an existing certificate, contact us first and take advantage of our free 30 minute phone consultation. We can help you avoid many of the most common missteps and costly false starts. Find out what is really involved in starting a Part 135 charter operation, how to estimate the time frame for approval, and what costs are involved. Learn how to structure the process to minimize your wait for FAA approval and avoid unnecessary expenses and delays. See our new operator page for more information.

Are you an existing Part 135 operator that needs help with your manuals?

Whether you are adding an aircraft, updating your training program, or looking for an approval like RNP, Oceanic Operations / ETOPS, or CPDLC, we can help you keep the approval process on track. More details on the page for existing operators.

FAA Safety Assurance System (SAS) for Part 135 operators.

As the FAA transitions to greater use of the Safety Assurance System, operators will need to begin the process of changing their manual system to include the design features specified in SAS. We offer two methods to assist you in this transition. See the page on SAS for more information.