Services Available

These are just an example of the services we can accomplish for you. If your requirements are not listed here, give us a call. We have experience developing new types of manuals and documents, and can help you with the required research, or direct you to another source of the help you need.

General Operations Manual

For most operators, the GOM grows slowly over time, as the operator adds or changes its type of operations, and as the FAA adds new requirements. This can result in a GOM that is hard to edit, and hard for crewmembers to use easily.

  • Let us reorganize and streamline your GOM, making it easier to use and edit.
  • We can convert your paper-only GOM to an easily-edited electronic version.
  • If your current GOM is in a hard-to-edit electronic form, we can convert it for you.

Compliance Statement

Most FSDOs do not require existing operators to keep their compliance statement up to date. However, when you are applying for significant changes to your certificate, such as upgrading from basic operator to unrestricted, or if you are adding certain types of aircraft, most FSDOs will require you to update or re-submit a new compliance statement.

  • If you are upgrading or changing your certificate, we can bring your compliance statement up to date, making your application process easier, and avoiding excess delay.
  • We can audit your compliance statement to ensure it is current and accurate, and providing you with a list of any inconsistencies.
  • We can develop a new compliance statement for your operation, if your current compliance statement is missing or substantially out of date.


Training Manual

For many operators, the training manual is one of the least-used manuals in their system. Training manuals have a tendency to grow over time, and they are often very hard to use correctly for new instructors and 135 management personnel.

  • We can audit your training manual to ensure that you are covering the necessary items.
  • If you are adding new aircraft types, we can work with your existing manual to ensure that the new training programs integrate properly with your existing training manual.
  • We can develop specific add-on training modules for WAAS, RVSM, or any other authorization you need.
  • We can review your training programs to ensure that you are not conducting duplicate, or excess training.



We have substantial experience developing RVSM operations and maintenance manuals for operators. RVSM authorizations are much easier now than they were just a few years ago, and the FAA is taking steps that will make them easier yet. Give us a call if you would like us to put something together for you.


Minimum Equipment List / Configuration Deviation List

Minimum equipment lists are often one of the more misunderstood documents in terms of how to develop and use them. If you are having difficulty with an MEL or CDL, we can often solve some of your problems quickly with a phone call.


Approved Aircraft Inspection Program

The AAIP is, for the most part, a simple document. However, there are some potential pitfalls in developing them that can be avoided. Understanding the purpose of the AAIP and some of the industry best practices can ensure that your AAIP is accurate without requiring excessive procedural complication.


General Maintenance Manual / Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Program

Most 135 operators don’t use, and are not required to have a GMM. For those who do, we can help you with an audit of the manual to ensure that the regulatory items are covered, and supply any needed procedures.


RNP or RNAV Authorization


Extended Overwater Operations

Oceanic Operations