SAS – Safety Assurance System

The FAA is now up and running with SAS. What is SAS?

In very simple terms, SAS is a means by which the FAA can audit and analyze an air carrier’s procedures, policies, and operations. SAS has many components, although most of the work is accomplished by the FAA.

However, Part 135 operators need to be familiar with the SAS data collection tools (DCTs). The  data collection tools are lists of questions that the FAA inspector must answer when reviewing your documents, and observing your performance as an air carrier. Where this becomes important is when a carrier is applying for new certification or changes to an existing certificate.

Changes to air carrier certificates such as addition of new aircraft, major revisions to training programs, and adding new types of operations can be subject to not only the regular document review process, but also result in the new application being subjected to analysis with SAS data collection tools.

SAS Solutions

We offer two different methods of SAS compliance. We can perform a review of your manuals and documents prior to a new application, and revise them in order to ensure that the SAS issues are addressed. Included in this work will be draft copies of the SAS checklists related to your manual or application.

For operators that prefer to do their own document revision, we can perform the same review, and produce a document for you that contains the recommended text to add to your current manuals in order to address the SAS appropriate elements. This service also includes draft copies of relevant SAS checklists.