Part 91 Operators

Authorizations and Manuals

TCS can help you create or update your manual system, and provide solutions for compliance with FAA regulations.

Applying for a new area of authorization such as RNP, RNAV, or adding a new aircraft type? The process of gaining a new authorization or approval can often be unnecessarily prolonged. Speeding up the process is not always easy or possible, but there are often things you can do to reduce the delay. The most important element is proper research and preparation. Let us help you prepare your manuals and application documents, and assist you with researching the requirements. Your application will be well prepared, and you will be able to meet FAA expectations faster, and with more confidence.


Documents and authorizations we can assist with:

  • Flight Department Operations Manual – Policies and procedures meeting FAR requirements and your company policies
  • Training Programs – Tailored to your flight department’s specific needs
  • Minimum Equipment List / Configuration Deviation List – Standard or Customized
  • RNP/RNAV Authorization – Letter of Authorization and necessary written procedures
  • RVSM Authorization – Operations and Maintenance manuals
  • Oceanic Operations Authorization – North Atlantic, Pacific, WATRS, Gulf of Mexico