Part 145 manuals now available.

After substantial research and development, the Repair Station / Quality Control Manual, the Training Program, and Statement of Compliance are finished.

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The manual has been developed to align with the most recent version of the FAA SAS questions, as listed below. This is a 46-page list of questions condensed down from approximately 150 pages if printed from the FAA website.

SAS DCTs for Part 145 Certification

1.1.6 Safety Programs
1.4.1 Personnel Records
1.4.2 Certificate Requirements
1.4.3 Manuals
1.4.4 Quality Control System
4.1.4 Training and Qualifications
4.2.6 Technical Data
4.2.7 Air Carrier and Air Operator Requirements
4.3.7 Work Away from Station
4.4.6 Record Systems
4.5.4 Housing and Facilities
4.5.5 Contract Work – Certificated Contractor
4.5.6 Contract Work – Non-Certificated Contractor
4.7.3 Tools and Equipment
4.7.4 Parts and Materials

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