Part 145 Application Process

Technical Content Services offers the remaining documentation needed to complete an application for a Part 145 Repair Station.

Click here to visit the FAA website for Part 145 applications. Lots of useful information.

Statement of Compliance

The statement of Compliance is a listing of the entirety of Part 145, along with specific language addressing how the repair station will comply with each regulation. Also included for each regulation is a reference to the Repair Station Manual section applicable to that regulation.

Application Documents

Additional documents supplied include pre-application letter template, formal application letter template, and other supporting documents as needed.

Application Process

The most important part of the application process is preparation. At each stage of the process, you will want to demonstrate to your FAA inspectors that you have done your homework and that you are prepared and qualified.

An efficient process relies on instilling confidence in your inspectors that your proposed operation is ready to begin operation as a functional team.

Having the right manuals is only part of the process, the rest is in the preparation and planning.

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