Part 145 Repair Station Manuals

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Repair Station / Quality Control Manual

This document has been developed using the most current FAA SAS Data Collection Tools (sometimes referred to as DCT checklists).

  • This manual features a combined Repair Station Manual and Quality Control Manual
    • Maintenance processes are separated in the document from quality control processes for clarity
    • Distinct roles are specified for maintenance and inspection functions
  • The document includes all SAS checklists completely filled out and cross-referenced to the manual

Additional Procedures include:

  • Capability list and self-evaluation process
  • Use of certificated and non-certificated maintenance subcontractors
  • Contracting services to an air carrier to perform maintenance under a Part 121 or Part 135 CAMP
  • Maintenance away from station (remote location process)
  • Shop floor workflow process and documentation instructions
  • Safety program internal audit and corrective action processes

Table of Contents List

  1. Manuals and Documents
  2. Maintenance Organization
  3. Capability List
  4. Housing and Facilities
  5. Tools and Equipment
  6. Parts and Materials
  7. Technical Data
  8. Recordkeeping
  9. Maintenance and Inspection
  10. Quality Control System
  11. Work away from Station
  12. Air Carrier Maintenance
  13. Contract Maintenance
  14. Safety Programs
  15. Forms

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