Part 135 Training Manual

Technical Content Services is now offering a Part 135 Training Manual that complies with the new FAA SAS requirements. The Training Manual offered by Technical Content Services has a complete framework to build any required part 135 training program. Since training programs are highly variable, and many operators will use contract simulator training providers, this manual is built to include a basic turboprop or jet training program that assumes that training is conducted by the operator in the aircraft.

This training manual is the ideal document for new operators, and for operators who have an outdated document, and who would like to make their training manual SAS compliant.

Training Manual

This training manual has been developed based on the complete set of FAA 8900 guidance and SAS requirements for the typical operator, including jet and transport category aircraft operations.

The training manual supports training operations for transport category, multi engine turboprop and piston, and single engine turboprop and piston aircraft.

SAS Support: Included with this manual at no extra charge is an additional document that provides an inventory of the FAA SAS checklist items and the location of each item in this training manual. This will greatly speed the approval process and assist your FAA Inspectors with the task of ensuring compliance with SAS requirements. More on that below.

What You Are Getting

When you use Technical Content Services as the developer for your manuals, you are not ‘buying a manual’. You are getting a business relationship with a professional technical writer who is also highly experienced in Part 135 operations and has over a decade writing manuals for Part 135 operators. See the About page for more information.

Training Manual Contents

The training manual contains expanded procedures for the following topics.

1. General

  • Training Manual
  • Training Program
  • Training Administration
  • Courseware and Training Materials
  • Computer Based Training
  • Additional Training Requirements
  • Training Records
  • Maintaining Flight Standards

2. Training and Testing Procedures and Standards

  • Ground Training
  • Flight Training Administration
  • Flight Training Procedures and Standards
  • Qualification Events
  • Proficiency Checks
  • Line Checks

3. Instructors and Check Pilots

  • Instructors and Check Pilots – General
  • Flight Instructors
  • Check Pilots
  • Ground Instructors
  • Flight Instructor Training Curriculums
  • Check Pilot Training Curriculums
  • Ground Instructor Training Curriculums
  • Contract Instructor / Check Pilot Standardization Curriculum

10. Basic Indoctrination Training

11. Emergency Training

12. Aircraft Ground Training

13. Aircraft Flight Training

14. Special Curriculum Segments

15. Qualification Segments

16. Instructors and Check Pilots Curriculum Segments

20. Contract Training Providers

  • General
  • Coordination of CTP Services
  • Contract Instructors And Check Pilots

21. Contract Training Providers – Source of Training

22. Training Forms


  • Specific Aircraft Training Programs and Procedures (AC Type 1)
  • Specific Aircraft Training Programs and Procedures (AC Type 2)

NOTE: The operator is responsible to assist in the development of aircraft specific procedures. Generic training templates will be supplied to you. We can assist you with developing the specific procedures for your aircraft. In many cases, these will be supplied to you by your contract training vendor.


The training manual is structured in 5 major sections.

  • Section 1 covers establishing the training program in general, describing training policies and procedures, and qualifying instructors and check pilots.
  • Section 2 contains the curriculum segment and training modules required for each type of training.
  • Section 3 contains procedures for conducting training using a contract training provider (typically a Part 142 training center).
  • Section 4 contains training forms.
  • The appendixes are for aircraft specific curriculums, procedures, and flight profiles. Each aircraft type will have its own appendix.

This manual is designed to easily grow with the operator and can seamlessly handle a combination of in-house and contract training, even if more than one contract training provider is used.

Additionally, provisions are included for the operator to qualify its own instructors as simulator instructors.

SAS – FAA Safety Assurance System

Many operators are concerned about and frustrated with the SAS DCTs (checklists). This training manual has been designed to take all of the aggravation out of the SAS review process and provide you with pre-filled checklists. See the page on SAS for more information.

All SAS Operations questions related to training requirements for jet, multi engine prop and single engine prop aircraft have been addressed within this training manual.

For Operator role and FAQ, read more…