Part 135 Startups – Certification and FAA Notice N 8900.687 

Are you in in the FAA’s queue for the part 135 certification process? If you are reading FAA Notice N 8900.687 and have questions, we have help available. If you’re working on the certification readiness checklist, we can help. While preparing to meet with your FAA inspectors and begin the Certification Services Oversight Process (CSOP), there are a number of items to prepare: Part 135 – Single Pilot or Single Pilot in Command (PIC) (as Applicable) 8400-6, Preapplication Statement of Intent You have probably already submitted this document, but you should retain a copy of it for reference during meetings […]

How to write an MEL (part 3)

This post is the third in a series of posts that cover the process for developing an MEL. Click here for the start page for this topic. MEL Front-End Section The first section of the MEL contains several necessary pieces of information. These first pages are often given too little attention during the development of an MEL, which can lead to difficulty getting the document approved. Careful attention to detail here can ensure that the MEL is approved easily and that employees who use the MEL are provided with the information they need to use the MEL effectively. The basic […]